Watch Dogs Live App- A smart phone application that lets you hack various locations

The game has been building much hype since the first trailer was revealed. To cash on the anticipation, Ubisoft has developed a smart phone app that allows players experience the game in real life and allows them to hack more than 10,000 locations across Canada.

The app puts players within a map of their city and gives access to the locations that are already set to be hacked. The locations can be hacked within 100m, these locations include from Subways to ATMs. There are also many prizes to be won also such as and ATM giving out a $500 cash prize to its hacker. Players are constantly competing to gain control of sites and gain experience which leads them on the national leader board. Apart from this there are four special missions in which hackers unleash events in real world and impact the sites in the city.

Overall a good concept that is interactive and engaging and builds on the sequence of events that will be present in the game set to release in November. To download this app click here.