• Adobe Creative Day- Bus stop prank
  • Watch Dogs- A smart promotional website that takes stalking to the next level
  • Philips- You need to hear this

Coca-Cola: Wearable Video

In line with its message of sharing happiness, Coca-Cola executed an innovative digital campaign to put a smile on their customers' faces. To do this, Coca-Cola printed individual frames of a movie on t-shirts and sent them to its fans around the world. The t-shirt came with a message to smile and take a picture wearing the t-shirt and upload them to the website. All pictures were stitched together to make an animated movie about two friends trying to put a smile on a pair of lips, which they eventually do by using a Coke. The movie was spread using social media and allowing fans to "claim their frame" and share it using Facebook.

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Breaking Bad- Fantasy game for betting on the outcome

With the final batch of Breaking Bad episodes airing from August 11, millions of fans around the world are wondering what will be the outcome of the highly acclaimed series. Which characters will die? who will go to jail ? or will Mr White and Jesse live happily ever after. The fantasy game "Betting Bad" is for those fans who want to bet on key outcomes of the series. The website connects to Facebook and a simple interface allows users to place bets on key events. The global leader board tracks progress of all the bets to determine how well you have predicted the outcomes as compared to your friends. Check out the website "Betting Bad".

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Mentos Fresh News

Fresh News is a concept that lets you be the centre of attention of a news report that is based on your Facebook social life. The fresh news website allows you to enter your Facebook details to give the website access to your Facebook information. After that the website generates a special video where two anchors (and a robotic editor) present your recent activities on Facebook including your posts, photos and comments of your timeline in a comical fashion and determines how "fresh" you are.

The video is a combination of pre-filmed segments based on different Facebook scenarios including a friendship spree, response to Facebook events and many other scenarios. The idea behind the campaign was to engage the core audience of online youth and focus on the Mentos positioning of "Stay Fresh". The campaign is based around the idea of youth audiences need to project a sense of self online. Fresh news does that by creating a 2 minute news report that is centred around the user.

Company: Mentos
Agency: BBH London
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Scrabble Wifi- The more you score the more wifi you can use

Scrabble is one of the most famous board games in the world. But with the advent of smart phone apps, board games have taken a back seat. Another problem arising due to smart phones is that people have forgotten how to spell properly. Mattel took to the task of persuading people to spell properly. Collaborating with Ogilvy Paris, Mattel executed a digital media campaign that would reward good spellers with free WiFi.

Scrabble WiFi - Case Study from Ogilvy Paris on Vimeo.

Company: Mattel
Country: France
Agency: Ogilvy Paris
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Take the wheel- Mercedez Benz CLA

Mercedes Benz - CLA is one of the most anticipated car models of the year, so the company decided to go all digital for its promotion. What's different about this campaign is that at the middle of this execution is Instagram. In order to promote the  latest model, the company decided to give 5 of the best photographers on Instagram a 5 day test drive each. Each photographer will create posts on Instagram during their 5 day road trip sharing their on road adventures. Whoever gets the most likes keeps the CLA.

But there is a twist, the general audience also gets a chance to get behind the wheel and win the CLA by using their Instagram feed. The user whose Instagram feed best reflect the "Spirit of CLA" wins the $30,000 car. The competition is taking place between July 18- Sept 5. Click here for further details. This particular campaign may remind you of a Mercedez Tweet Race.

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Mercedes Benz Tweet Race 2011

To celebrate the 125 year history of Mercedes Benz, the company launched a tweet race. 4 teams participated in a race where the more tweets your team hash tag receive, the more fuel you have on your car. The cars used in the race were specially designed such that each tweet gives you fuel for a quarter on a mile. The total distance was 1400 miles which were covered in 3 days.


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Mobalizing the 12th man- Suport your team without being inside the stadium

Due to security concerns, the Tunisian government decided to ban all public gatherings including audiences from stadiums during professional football league games. It was time for the most important game of the season, so Memac Ogilvy executed a campaign to reconnect fans to the game by creating a mobile application that allowed users to cheer and show their support. 40 giant speakers connected to the application were placed inside the stadium. The more fans tapped on the icon on the app, the louder the sound inside the stadium. On the game more than 93,000 fans showed their support to their team using the app.

Mobilizing the 12th Man - Ogilvy Tunisia 2013 from Mehdi Lamloum on Vimeo.
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E-Mart flying store

People in South Korea work one of the longest hours in the world, so shopping is not an activity people would like to utilize their free time in. so if people cannot come to the store, why not take the store to them. This is the philosophy behind the South Korea's largest retailer; E-mart.

The campaign was executed by using flying truck shaped figures that were placed around Seoul. The flying store had a WiFi installed that allowed users to download the E-mart smart phone app and make online purchases.The flying store proved to be very popular increasing the online sales by 157% and offline sales by 9.5%

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O2- Be more dog

Be more dog is a digital campaign by Uk based mobile service provider. the campaign encourages users to "Be More Dog" as dogs are more adventourous and exciting as compared to cats. The idea behind the campaign is to encourage users to be more adaptive with the latest technology leading to a 4G launch later this summer.

The campaign is based around a website here.

The talking cat on the website first encourages the user to be more dog. Then users are given a link and a code to which is to be used on a smart phone or tablet thus connecting the PC and the touch screen device. Once connected the user can use the mobile screen to throw a frisbee to the talking cat. The users can also create a dog bomb which is a customizable video featuring different options with the central idea around being more dog.

O2 "Be More Dog" from Keith Schofield on Vimeo.

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The Game of your life- Facebook campaign to attract students to a new university

As a student, would you like to know which university guarantees a brighter future for you ? OZU University in Istanbul gives you a chance to look into your future university life and your career and that through your Facebook timeline. The Facebook application allows prospective students to have a peek into their future timeline The application takes information from the users profile and creates a video customized to the user. The video shows a series of posts on the users timeline showing the user what his/her university life will be like such as pictures on campus, hang outs and different places, exchange programs and other similar posts. 

Check out the video to find out more:

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