O2- Be more dog

Be more dog is a digital campaign by Uk based mobile service provider. the campaign encourages users to "Be More Dog" as dogs are more adventourous and exciting as compared to cats. The idea behind the campaign is to encourage users to be more adaptive with the latest technology leading to a 4G launch later this summer.

The campaign is based around a website here.

The talking cat on the website first encourages the user to be more dog. Then users are given a link and a code to which is to be used on a smart phone or tablet thus connecting the PC and the touch screen device. Once connected the user can use the mobile screen to throw a frisbee to the talking cat. The users can also create a dog bomb which is a customizable video featuring different options with the central idea around being more dog.

O2 "Be More Dog" from Keith Schofield on Vimeo.