Take the wheel- Mercedez Benz CLA

Mercedes Benz - CLA is one of the most anticipated car models of the year, so the company decided to go all digital for its promotion. What's different about this campaign is that at the middle of this execution is Instagram. In order to promote the  latest model, the company decided to give 5 of the best photographers on Instagram a 5 day test drive each. Each photographer will create posts on Instagram during their 5 day road trip sharing their on road adventures. Whoever gets the most likes keeps the CLA.

But there is a twist, the general audience also gets a chance to get behind the wheel and win the CLA by using their Instagram feed. The user whose Instagram feed best reflect the "Spirit of CLA" wins the $30,000 car. The competition is taking place between July 18- Sept 5. Click here for further details. This particular campaign may remind you of a Mercedez Tweet Race.