Mentos Fresh News

Fresh News is a concept that lets you be the centre of attention of a news report that is based on your Facebook social life. The fresh news website allows you to enter your Facebook details to give the website access to your Facebook information. After that the website generates a special video where two anchors (and a robotic editor) present your recent activities on Facebook including your posts, photos and comments of your timeline in a comical fashion and determines how "fresh" you are.

The video is a combination of pre-filmed segments based on different Facebook scenarios including a friendship spree, response to Facebook events and many other scenarios. The idea behind the campaign was to engage the core audience of online youth and focus on the Mentos positioning of "Stay Fresh". The campaign is based around the idea of youth audiences need to project a sense of self online. Fresh news does that by creating a 2 minute news report that is centred around the user.

Company: Mentos
Agency: BBH London