Swatch Push That Button 2012

The campaign was Launched in July 2012 to promote Swatch Chrono Plastic collection and to emphasize on the collection's values of fun, extreme sports, and style. The Main goal for the campaign was to attract a quality audience for the interactive game on Facebook.

Fans chose their favorite Swatch Chrono Plastic watch and then they had to Push the Swatch button with the mouse and hold as long as you can. To keep the audience interested, over 300 questions, brand facts, and a live radio feed was added. Every week nine winners were selected and a total 36 participants won a Swatch Chrono Plastic.

 - 12,000 users played during the 4 weeks campaign
 - The button was pushed for 130,020 minutes
 - Average time of 30 minutes per player
 - 6,400 new fans on page and 1,350% rise in page interaction